Acting Lessons


By starting with the voice and body, the student will learn how to create a character - and a space - that invites the audience in. Through theater games, the student experiences how to get out of their head and completely live in the moment. This builds confidence and allows the student to trust their instincts. Lessons include audition skills through work on monologues and commercials.
You will learn how to:
  • create a character and a space that invites the audience in
  • get out of your head and completely live in the moment
  • build confidence and trust your instincts


This is a small group class, where students participate in drama games, activities and scenes in a friendly, collaborative and non-competitive environment. As a “lab,” it’s an exploratory process and there’s no right way to do it. It’s all about having fun, making friends, and getting some tools for performing - whether that be acting, singing, playing piano, or doing a presentation at school. Students create characters and learn to trust their instincts, while building confidence and developing independent thinking along the way.
  • drama games, activities, and scenes in a collaborative and non-competitive environment
  • have fun, make friends, get tools for performing
  • create characters
  • learn to trust your instincts
  • build confidence and develop independent thinking

Subjects I Teach

Voice, Piano, Music Theory and Musicianship, Acting, Performance skills -
and a combination of all of the above.