Voice Lessons

In the very first lesson, Catherine had me singing high notes I didn’t even know I had. She has taught me so much about technique and how to sing “on the breath.” My voice has grown in range and volume so much that I’m now applying to college as a music major. Besides being a great teacher, Catherine is also a very supportive mentor. I’m so glad I got to work with her and I will miss her when I’m at college!


Lessons are tailored to the student’s learning style and what motivates them, thereby creating results and inspiring a love for their instrument and the arts.
Your child will:
  • build a foundation to protect their voice.
  • gain vocal range and quality, as well as overall confidence.
  • learn the FUNdamentals of music, note-reading and rhythm through multi-sensory activities.


Unlike a piano or violin that you can just start to play, the voice is an instrument that must be built. This starts with the body and the breath. Similarly to an athlete, the singer must have their technique as a part of their muscle memory. Once that is firmly established, the singer, like any athlete, is free to play and be fully present to express themselves, the music and the story. I teach bel canto technique, which gives you a foundation that can be applied to all genres. Your voice will grow in beauty, range and expressivity. I also address self-talk and performance jitters, so you can be confident and engaging on stage.
You or your teen will:
  • build the voice through a technique you can rely on
  • gain vocal range, quality, and expressivity
  • be confident and engaging on stage


Whether you’re engaged in public speaking, podcasts, vlogging, or acting, your voice conveys emotion and brings an atmosphere to your words. A rough, squeezed, or tired voice will distract listeners from your message. Draw people in with the quality of your voice.
You will:
  • improve the quality of your speaking voice
  • learn how to draw listeners into your message or story
  • learn techniques to keep your voice consistently healthy

Subjects I Teach

Voice, Piano, Music Theory and Musicianship, Acting, Performance skills -
and a combination of all of the above.